Recipe: Tasty Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal

Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal.

Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal Cooking Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal is a fun thing, additionally it becomes more unique worth if you cook it yourself. By using the complying with 5 components, you can begin cooking 7 actions. observe the adhering to area for you to start cooking right away.

Ingredients of Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal

  1. You need 4 packages of Pork flavor Ramen Noodles (or any flavor you prefer, I used pork as I thought it'd go great with the pork sausage).
  2. Prepare 2 cans of green beans (cut, French, Italian, whole- your preference).
  3. You need 1 can of corn.
  4. It’s 16 oz of roll of breakfast sausage (I used Kroger brand Mild Pork).
  5. It’s of OPTIONAL** frozen diced green bell peppers and onions.

Cheap Quick Ramen Noodle Meal how to cook

  1. Cook and then drain sausage, set aside..
  2. While sausage is browning, in a separate pot, boil Ramen according to package instructions. (Will be mushy if noodles are over cooked).
  3. Leaving some water in noodles, Drain Ramen and add flavor packets and stir..
  4. Add cooked sausage, veggies and any other preferred seasoning, stir all together. (To avoid over salting, keep in mind that it already has the included Ramen seasoning) Continue cooking over medium low heat until all veggies are warm and cooked..
  5. Ready to serve..
  6. OPTIONAL, at this point, you can add to a casserole dish and bake at 325 apx 15-20 minutes to serve as a casserole. I kept it in the pot and served as a ONE pot recipe..
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