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Malai kofta. Malai kofta recipe with video & step by step photos. Originally Koftas are meatballs dunked in Malai kofta is a popular Indian vegetarian dish made of potato & paneer balls served with smooth, rich. Deep fried balls (koftas) made with potato and Malai Kofta is a very popular Indian vegetarian dish where balls (kofta) made of potato and paneer are deep fried and.

Malai kofta Usually they are made up of mashed potatoes. Malai = Heavy cream Kofta = meatballs. Traditionally kofta curry is made from meat. Cooking Malai kofta is a fun thing, furthermore it becomes a lot more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the following 9 active ingredients, you can start cooking 10 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking immediately.

Ingredients for Malai kofta

  1. Need 2 cups of maida.
  2. You need 250 grams of paneer.
  3. Give 4-5 for potatoes.
  4. Provide 1 tbsp Fresh cream.
  5. Require 4 – tomatoes.
  6. It’s 4 for onions.
  7. It’s to taste for Salt according to taste, garam masala, red chilli powder.
  8. You need Some for Coriander leaves.
  9. It’s As needed of Oil.

These koftas are dipped into the heavy cream. Then they are added into smooth, rich Punjabi red gravy. Malai Kofta is a classic North Indian dish originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Malai refers to the cream and koftas are deep fried paneer and vegetable dumplings in rich and creamy tomato gravy.

Malai kofta step by step

  1. Boil potatoes until just done and not mushy. Crumble them and add to a mixing bowl along with crumbled paneer, ginger paste, maida, salt, garam masala.
  2. Mix everything well and divide the dough to equal parts. Roll them to balls..
  3. Deep fry in hot oil on a medium flame until crisp and golden..
  4. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan. Add cardamoms, cloves, cashews and onions. Saute until onions turn transparent or golden.  Next add tomatoes & saute until they turn soft and mushy. or You can also pour half cup water & boil all the ingredients until soft..
  5. Turn off the stove and cool completely.Blend this to a smooth puree..
  6. Heat a pan with oil. Add bay leaf, cinnamon and cardamoms. Saute for a minute. Add ginger garlic paste and saute on a low heat.
  7. Pour the onion tomato puree. Mix it well and add chilli powder, garam masala, salt and sugar.
  8. Regulate the flame to low and add cream. Stir and turn off the heat..
  9. Pour the gravy into a container and put some Koftas into it..
  10. Decorate it with fresh cream and coriander leaves.

Friends please do try this easy Malai kofta recipe at home and please do share your feedback in the All the best and Spread the Joy of Cooking. For detailed Malai Kofta Recipe please visit http. this recipe post of malai kofta recipe, i have used the aloo anyway, before wrapping up the recipe, i would like to include some tips, suggestions and variation to malai kofta recipe. firstly, i would heavily. Malai Kofta is a very popular North Indian dish & undoubtedly tops the list of foods ordered at Indian Malai stands for cream and Kofta is a fried dumpling of mashed potatoes, paneer (Indian cottage. Malai kofta is a delicious and rich main dish. Paneer dumplings with rich cream gravy.

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