How to Prepare Green Masala Khichdi Yummy

Green Masala Khichdi.

Green Masala Khichdi Food preparation Green Masala Khichdi is a fun point, furthermore it ends up being more unique worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the following 15 active ingredients, you can start cooking 4 actions. observe the complying with section for you to begin cooking quickly.

Ingredients for Green Masala Khichdi

  1. Require 1/2 cup rice.
  2. Require 1/4 cup for dal.
  3. Require 1 cup – (mixed palak, corriender, mint leaves and green chilli).
  4. It’s 1 of chopped tomato.
  5. Prepare 1 of chopped onion.
  6. Need 1 tbsp for ginger garlic paste.
  7. Prepare as per taste Salt.
  8. Need as required for Water for consistency.
  9. Give 1 tbsp – corriender powder.
  10. Require 1/2 tsp of red chilli powder.
  11. Provide 6-7 spoons for mushroom and panner.
  12. Require 2 tbsp of oil.
  13. Prepare 1 tsp – rai.
  14. It’s 2 tsp for jeera.
  15. You need 1 for dried red chilli.

Green Masala Khichdi making process

  1. Wash and soak rice and dal together for 15 mins then cook it till 3 whistles..
  2. Now in a mixer jar add all green's and make a pure. If required add little water.(Don't forget to wash first all green's).
  3. In bottom vessel pan add oil as oil heats add rai, 1tsp jeera then add onion saute it till it becomes soft then add tomato cook it for 2min then add all dry masala and ginger garlic paste saute them for 2min more then add mushroom and panner and above green's paste cook it for 5-10min till all greens are cooked then add cooked rice and dal if required add water for consistency mix them all together cook for 5min then turn off the gas..
  4. Transfer it in a serving bowl. Then in a tadka vessel add a tsp of oil jeera and dry red chilli as it crackles transfer this on top of the khichdi serve with onion slice and lemon..

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