Easy way to Prepare Hilsa pulao Appetizing

Hilsa pulao. Today I am going to share with you this amazing recipe of Hilsa Pulao or Ilish Pulao. This is a perfect dish for this Diwali. Ilish Pulao Recipe (Bengali Style Hilsa Fish polao) is an extremely fragrant and delicious polao with Ilish mach.

Hilsa pulao Ilish Polao or Hilsa Pulao is an extremely fragrant and delicious Bengali style Fish Pilaf cooked with Ilish mach or Hilsa. Pure vegetarian dishes include dum-aloo (roasted potatoes in curd-based gravy), Razmah and Kashmiri pulao. Ilish Polao/ Pulao ( Hilsa Fish Pulao) is a delicious addition to your Polao or Pulao recipe collection This is an authentic Bengali recipe of Hilsa fish cooked in aromatic gobindobhog rice and simple spices. Food preparation Hilsa pulao is an enjoyable point, moreover it becomes extra special value if you cook it yourself. By using the complying with 10 ingredients, you can start cooking 8 steps. observe the complying with area for you to start cooking right away.

Composition of Hilsa pulao

  1. Give 1 kg for basmati rice.
  2. You need 1 for whole Hilsa fish.
  3. You need 100 g of cashews.
  4. Provide 100 g – onions.
  5. Provide 250 g of ghee.
  6. Give Pieces – cinnamon and cardamom.
  7. Prepare 2 tsp Rose water.
  8. Require to taste – Salt and sugar.
  9. Give 2 – bay leaves.
  10. Give 1 cup of milk.

Pulao recipe is a one pot rice dish made with rice, spices, vegetables & herbs. Learn how to make Veg pulao or vegetable pulao is a basic Indian style rice pilaf that is aromatic, delicious, healthy. Peas pulao recipe With video and step by step photos – This tasty matar pulao is simple and easy to This one pot peas pulao is aromatic and has sweet tones because of peas. Pulao is a rice-based dish which often also includes ingredients like vegetables or meat or both.

Hilsa pulao making

  1. Boil rice hard and drain out the water. Set aside..
  2. Chop onions into fine slices..
  3. Heat ghee in a frying pan and slightly salute the Hilsa(cut into medium sized pieces).Set aside..
  4. Add some more ghee and gently fry together bay leaves,cinnamon and cardamoms..
  5. Gradually add chopped onions and fry golden brown…
  6. Add rice with salt and sugar and turn upside down..
  7. Make alternative spaces with a spatula and set in the fish pieces..
  8. Add cashew and milk.Mix well and seam on a lower flame before turning off and serving hot..

Long-grained rice varieties like basmati are often used to prepare pulaos. Paneer Pulao Recipe for baby and toddlers. Chana Pulao (chickpea pilaf with pomegranates). Bengali Style Pulao is a delicious rice recipe popularly made by Bengalis. People in Bengal and especially Kolkata swear by this recipe and make it on special occasions.

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