Easy way to Make Mango sago coconut pudding Yummy

Mango sago coconut pudding.

Mango sago coconut pudding Cooking Mango sago coconut pudding is an enjoyable point, moreover it comes to be a lot more special value if you cook it on your own. By using the adhering to 11 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 4 actions. observe the following area for you to start cooking instantly.

Ingredients Mango sago coconut pudding

  1. Give 1 litre of milk.
  2. Prepare 3/4 for sago.
  3. Give 1 tbsp of freshly grated coconut.
  4. Provide 1 cup of mango pulp.
  5. You need 1 tbsp – rose syrup.
  6. You need 1 tbsp of kiwi crush.
  7. You need 1/2 cup – sugar.
  8. Require 1 tsp for cardamom powder.
  9. Prepare For garnishing.
  10. Require 4-5 for mango pieces.
  11. Need 8-10 – chopped dry fruits (pistachio and almonds).

Mango sago coconut pudding start cooking

  1. Soak sago for 1 hr. Heat milk and bring it to a boil. Make mango pulp..
  2. When the milk is ready, add sago, sugar. Cook till sugar melts and sago gets transparent. Now add grated coconut. Cook for a while. Add the cardamom powder. It's ready. Keep it the fridge and serve chilled by garnishing mango pieces and chopped dry fruits..
  3. I even made a tripe layered mango ?. I used kiwi crush, rose syrup and the main original ingredient mango pulp. Divide the milk in 3 portions. To one add rose syrup, to the 2nd kiwi crush and third mango pulp..
  4. Now start layering each portion, to the bottom rose syrup, middle kiwi crush and top the mango pulp. Garnish it with mango pieces and dry fruits..

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