Steps to Make Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai Yummy

Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai. Idiyappam (Malayalam: ഇടിയപ്പം, Tamil: இடியாப்பம்), also known as nool puttu (Malayalam: നൂൽപ്പുട്ട്, Tamil: நூல்புட்டு) or string hopper, or noolappam (Malayalam: നൂലപ്പം), is a rice noodle dish originating from the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and as well as from Sri Lanka. Preparation: Divide the dough and make it in to logs. Place it in the Idiyappam/Murukku maker.

Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai It might look difficult in the start, but. The process of making string hoppers is fairly easy if you have the right equipment. At a minimum, you will need a noodle press called sev sancha, idiyappam press or idiyappam maker, basically a press with tiny holes to make very thin noodles. Cooking Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai is a fun point, moreover it becomes a lot more special worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 4 components, you can start cooking 6 actions. observe the complying with area for you to start cooking quickly.

Ingredients requirements – Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai

  1. Need 2 cups of idli rice.
  2. Need as required for Salt.
  3. Give as required of Water.
  4. Provide for String Hopper Maker.

Immediately stir the rice flour with the spatula, if the water is running out means add little bit of hot water. After the rice flour turns soft and to right texture, turn off the fire and close the pot with the lid. Pad thai rice noodles and chicken satay with spicy peanut butter sauce. First, add the oil to the water and bring it to a boil.

Rice Noodles/ String Hoppers/Santhagai how to cook

  1. Soak the rice for 2 hours. And grind it grinder till it forms a smooth dough like idli batter consistency..
  2. Place a saute pan in the stove. Switch on the flame. Keep in medium flame. Add oil when it gets heat, add the ground dough..
  3. Add salt and mix the dough continuously until water gets dry and becomes thick so that we can make a small balls out of it..
  4. Place an idli maker in the stove. Switch on the flame. Make a small balls from that batter. And place it in the idli plates. And let it cook for 15mins..
  5. After that using santhagai/ string hopper maker, place the cooked balls inside the container and screw it on top by placing a bowl like vessel below the container to collect noodles. Make the noodles quick when the balls are hot so that it will be easy to screw..
  6. Rice noodles is ready. You can also add sugar or jaggery powder or brown sugar and ghee, mix it to the noodles while serving..

Once the water starts to boil, turn off the flame. String Hoppers (Iddyappam) a favourite breakfast dish in Sri Lanka. It is also a good choice for a light dinner. String Hopper press and hoppers mats might available from Indian and Sri Lankan food store. Wheat flour string hoppers will give you more softer than this rice flour string hoppers.

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