Ingredients to Prepare Bhindi Raita Tasty

Bhindi Raita. bhindi raita has to be served immediately else the bhendi will loose its crispiness and become soggy. to make it more chatpata; you can add cumin powder, pepper powder, chaat masala, amchur. Bhindi raita recipe with step by step photos – this bhindi raita is a nice variation of raita different from the usual Indian raita recipes. In this raita recipe, the bhindi is first fried in oil and then added to. bhindi raita recipe is deep-fried ladies finger, when added to curds and seasoned with spice powders and black salt, results in a tongue-tickling lady finger raita.

Bhindi Raita You don't need a big plate filled of Indian food For this raita, however, I decided to almost shallow fry bhindi(okra). Thing is, for crispy bhindi raita, I. Bhindi raita as the name suggests is made with okra and since it is raita, yogurt is a must. Food preparation Bhindi Raita is an enjoyable point, additionally it becomes more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 13 ingredients, you can start cooking 7 steps. observe the following area for you to start cooking quickly.

Ingredients – Bhindi Raita

  1. You need 1/2 cup for bhindi (okra), chopped.
  2. Need 3-4 for green chillies chopped.
  3. Require As needed Oil.
  4. You need 1 cup of curd.
  5. Give to taste for salt.
  6. It’s 1/2 tsp of roasted cumin seedspowder.
  7. Need 1/2 tsp for Sugar.
  8. Prepare 1/4 tsp of Mustard seeds.
  9. Need 1/4 tsp – cumin seeds.
  10. Provide 1/4 tsp for Hing /asafoetida powder.
  11. Give 5-6 curry leaves.
  12. It’s 1-2 of dry red chillies.
  13. You need Handful for coriander leaves.

To make the dish complete, we will need, mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida and green chilies. Bhindi Raita is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Side-Dish. Find the complete instructions on How to Make Bhindi Raita. Take the curd in a bowl and beat it by adding buttermilk into a fine paste.

Bhindi Raita process

  1. Chop bhindi and green chilli into pieces..
  2. Heat oil in a kadhai and fry green chilli and bhindi until they are crisp..
  3. Now whisk curd until smooth..
  4. In curd add crisp bhindi, chillies, salt, sugar and cumin powder. Mix well..
  5. Now heat oil for tempering. Add 2 tspns of oil, hing powder, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and dry red chillies..
  6. Pour this tempering over the raita and add some coriander leaves..
  7. Serve chilled..

Bhindi raita recipe with step by step photos. Sharing easy raita recipes for summer was in my list since last I am starting raita recipes series with this easy, healthy and tasty bhindi raita recipe. Bhindi Raita (Okra & Yogurt Dip): A tasty raita made with fried okra (ladies finger) pieces and curd (yogurt). This raita goes well with chapati, rice, pulao or as a salad. Wash and wipe it dry with a clean towel.

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