Steps to Make Mango dry fruits shake Yummy

Mango dry fruits shake. Ingredients:- Chopped mango Dry fruits: almonds cashews raisins Sugar Milk Ice cubes optional. "Dry fruits", your kid hates to eat them right. Your kid will love it if you serve it the right way. Try "dry fruit milk shake", good for health and tasty.

Mango dry fruits shake Try these dried mangoes as a snack or as part of a delicious dessert. Rich in vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, dried mangoes are a wonderfully healthy addition to your diet. Our Registered Dietitian's Top Pick Our Registered Dietitian and Health Nut's favorite fruit is mango! Cooking Mango dry fruits shake is an enjoyable point, additionally it becomes much more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 4 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 4 actions. observe the adhering to area for you to begin cooking quickly.

Ingredients for Mango dry fruits shake

  1. Give 1 of mango.
  2. It’s 1.5 cup – Cold milk.
  3. Give To taste – Sugar according.
  4. Provide Some dry fruits for garnish.

A quick and filling milkshake one can make during the mangoe season. Many don't like the taste of soya milk, this mango milk shake is a wonderful way of consuming You can top the milkshake with nuts, dry fruits, melted chocolate or chocolate sauce, whatever you prefer. Wash, peel and chop mangoes into small pieces, discard stone. Transfer them to a blender jar.

Mango dry fruits shake making process

  1. Peel the outer layer of mango and cut in it small pieces.put them in a mixture..
  2. Add sugar & grind it till sugar mix it in..
  3. Now add milk and grind again till it becomes a smooth paste..
  4. Garnish for some dry fruits and serve it cold..

The amount of calories in mango shake can be higher than the fruit itself. Let's see how many calories are there in a glassful of mango shake along with pros and cons that come with it. #MangoShake #MangoMilkShake #CoolBeverage Mango shake is awesome drink in summer season, its healthy as it contains milk, mango, dry fruits etc. Dried mango, being a good source of B-complex helps boost energy and reduce stress. The fiber in it improves digestion and overall heart health. These fruits are dried naturally or dehydrated and are then exported around the world, maintaining a much longer shelf life once all of the water has been.

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