Recipe: Yummy Noodles and fried eggs

Noodles and fried eggs. This vegetarian recipe for Fried Eggs with Chinese Noodles is a super quick and easy meal that's perfect for those busy weeknight suppers. I remember going to my high school sweetheart's house for dinner and his mom would make an egg noodle dish that she used fried eggs to make the sauce. Though the chewy texture of Chinese egg noodles is fantastic, you can substitute rice sticks or linguine.

Noodles and fried eggs They taste fantastic with fried eggs and a bit of hot sauce. Many people keep dry I never tried making pan-fried rice noodles until I came across the recipe in Andrea Nguyen's The Pho Cookbook (she calls them "panfried pho noodles"). Egg noodles recipe – sharing one of the easiest recipe to make egg noodles. Cooking Noodles and fried eggs is an enjoyable thing, moreover it comes to be a lot more special worth if you cook it on your own. By using the complying with 7 components, you can begin cooking 3 actions. observe the following section for you to begin cooking right away.

Ingredients of Noodles and fried eggs

  1. Prepare of Noodles.
  2. Prepare of Noodle seasoning.
  3. You need of Fresh pepper.
  4. You need of Onions.
  5. It’s of Eggs.
  6. You need of Vegetable oil for frying.
  7. It’s of Fresh tomato for garnishing.

I prefer making egg fried rice or noodles at home as they are really quick to be done. To make egg noodles I will not ask you to use any fancy ingredients or sauce. Stir-frying dried rice noodles is much the same as stir-frying rice, in terms of the amount of oil, the seasonings, and the ingredients you want to add. Fried noodles are a perfect way to create a hearty, quick, and healthy one-dish meal.

Noodles and fried eggs how to cook

  1. Put a pot of water on fire, add the noodle seasoning, add chopped onion and pepper and little curry powder. Add the noodles, cover and allow to boil until water almost dried up..
  2. Break eggs in a bowl, add chopped onions and pepper, add little salt to taste. Mix together and fry in a frying pan greased with vegetable oil..
  3. Your quick meal is ready! Garnish with slices of tomatoes. Enjoy!.

This German recipe calls for cabbage to be browned in butter and tossed with egg noodles for a quick and hearty meal. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Cook the egg noodles according to package instructions. Drain the egg noodles and add them directly to the wok and toss to coat. If your wok is too small, you can also serve the stir-fried vegetables and noodles separately on a plate.

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