Steps to Make Delicious coconut mawa burfi Delicious

Delicious coconut mawa burfi. Coconut burfi is a delicious south Indian Sweet recipe made with coconut, sugar, milk and cardamom powder. It is one of the most commonly made sweet during festivals & celebrations in South India. Please check the recipe card for instructions.

Delicious coconut mawa burfi Just follow the simple instructions, and very soon you. This coconut barfi with khoya is a delicious, soft barfi variety made from freshly grated coconut, khoya (mawa or evaporated milk Instead of barfi, you can also make ladoos from the coconut and khoya mixture. If you have freshly grated coconut then the time to. Food preparation Delicious coconut mawa burfi is a fun thing, moreover it ends up being more special worth if you prepare it yourself. By utilizing the complying with 7 components, you can begin cooking 4 steps. observe the complying with section for you to begin cooking quickly.

Ingredients requirements for Delicious coconut mawa burfi

  1. Provide 2 bowl for decicated coconut.
  2. Require 2 bowl milk.
  3. Need 1 bowl of sugar.
  4. Prepare 100 gm of mawa.
  5. Prepare 2-3 drop food green colour.
  6. Give 2 cardamom powder.
  7. Need as needed slicely cut almond and pistachios for garnish.

Coconut Barfi or Nariyal Barfi is a soft and delicious barfi or fudge which has freshly grated coconut and sugar as its main ingredients. Coconut barfi is usually made by adding grated coconut to a one-string consistency sugar syrup mixture and cooking them. After a long time about one month I am with my new recipes coconut burfi is one of them ,their are many recipes of coconut burfi i am making it using mawa. Coconut burfi recipe with step by step photos.

Delicious coconut mawa burfi start cooking

  1. First take a pan on gas add 2 cup decicated coconut and low the flame and fix it well for 5 min..
  2. After 5 min add milk and mix well till milk will absorb.Then add mawa stir continously for 5 to 10 min..
  3. Then add sugar and cardamom powder and mix it till all sugar will dissolve in decicated coconut batter then add some drop of food green colour and mix properly then add slicsly chopped dryfruit and mix and off the flame..
  4. Then take a plate grease it with ghee sprinkle some decicated coconut on it and put all the coconut batter in plate and spread the batter and flat it with the help of flat spoon and garnish it with slisly chopped dryfruit and put it in freeze fo 1 hour tomset then after 1 hour cut it into pieces and ready to serve delicious coconut burfi..

This is an easy and tasty recipe of coconut barfi made with condensed milk and desiccated coconut. Sign up for my FREE Beginners Guide to Delicious Indian Cooking. Generally Freshly grated coconut makes better coconut burfi. so to still get better. The Coconut Burfi recipe presented here is a very simple one with just three main ingredients and will not take much time in. Please go through the instructable on how to make the delicious Coconut Burfi.

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