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Sheer khurma. Sheer Khurma is a rich vermicelli pudding made with milk, lots of nuts, dates and sugar! I have very fond memories of waiting eagerly for Sheer Khurma during Eid. One of my dad's friend who was a.

Sheer khurma A perfect and quick dessert for celebrations. The main ingredients used in Sheer Khurma are vermicelli, whole milk. Sheer Khurma Recipe – A rich and delicious traditional milk sweet made during festival of Ramadan Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. Food preparation Sheer khurma is an enjoyable point, in addition it becomes much more special worth if you cook it on your own. By utilizing the adhering to 7 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 4 actions. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking immediately.

Ingredients of Sheer khurma

  1. It’s 2 liters for Milk.
  2. Provide 1 packet for Sawain.
  3. Require – Sugar 1 and half cup.
  4. You need as needed for Badam.
  5. Require as needed for Chuaray.
  6. Provide as needed for Pista.
  7. Need 2,3 of Ilachi.

Sheer khurma is a festive pudding made by simmering fine vermicelli with milk, dates, nuts and Sheer khurma is a Persian term meaning "milk and dates". This delicious and rich dessert is made on. Sheer Khurma is special sweet dish made with dates, nuts, raisins and vermicelli noodles, roasted in nutty ghee and cooked in saffron laced milk. Sheer Khurma – Instant Pot or Stove Top?

Sheer khurma instructions

  1. Milk ko garam krna rakhain sth me ilachi dalain jab boil anay lag jay to sawain crush kar ke dalain sth me sugar b dalain aur cook krain.
  2. 3,4 boil anay lagay to badam pista aur chuhary dal dain.
  3. Jab thick ho jay to utar lain bowels me dal ke thand krain oper badam sy decoration krain.
  4. Sheer khurma ready.

Sheer Korma: Sheer Khurma is an authentic version of vermicelli pudding specially prepared for Eid festivities. 'Sheer' is Persian for milk and 'khurma' is another word. Sheer khorma or Sheer khurma literally(milk with dates in Urdu) is a festival vermicelli pudding prepared by Muslims on Eid ul-Fitr in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is a traditional Muslim festive. Sheer Khurma Recipe is an Eid special sweet. Sheer Khurma literally means "milk with dates" in Urdu and is a festival vermicelli pudding prepared by Muslims all across the world. the recipe for sheer khurma is very simple and there are many striking similarities with the traditional finally i would like to highlight my other desserts recipes collection with this post of sheer khurma.

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