Easy way to Prepare Healthy Roti Laddus Tasty

Healthy Roti Laddus.

Healthy Roti Laddus Food preparation Healthy Roti Laddus is a fun thing, moreover it ends up being a lot more unique value if you prepare it yourself. By using the complying with 4 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 4 actions. observe the complying with area for you to start cooking promptly.

Ingredients requirements of Healthy Roti Laddus

  1. Provide for Rotis (medium size).
  2. You need for jaggery.
  3. Provide – ghee.
  4. Provide of dry fruits powder.

Healthy Roti Laddus process

  1. Take leftover/fresh rotis and break into small pieces by hand/ use mixer..
  2. In a pan, heat ghee and add roti to it. Roast for 2-3 minutes..
  3. Add powdered jaggery and dry fruits powder. Mix well with roti and roast for 3-4 minutes. Switch off the flame..
  4. Make laddus when the mixture is warm..

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