Ingredients to Recipe: Paneer sandwich Delicious

Paneer sandwich. Paneer sandwich is a quick to make snack or breakfast. Indian cottage cheese aka paneer is spiced & then stuffed in the sandwich. Sandwich chutney recipe for paneer sandwich.

Paneer sandwich Paneer Sandwich is healthy and tastes delicious. This is a perfect lunch box option, especially for the kids. #PaneerSandwich #PaneerRecipe #SandwichRecipe Paneer sandwich is an easy snack recipe that also serves as a great lunch box recipe. Excellent for kids lunch box ideas. Cooking Paneer sandwich is a fun thing, furthermore it becomes much more special worth if you cook it on your own. By utilizing the following 6 components, you can start cooking 5 steps. observe the adhering to area for you to begin cooking quickly.

Composition – Paneer sandwich

  1. Require 4 for Whole wheat Bread slices.
  2. Need 1 slice of paneer.
  3. Require 1 for tomato.
  4. Need 8 black raisins.
  5. Need 1 tbsp for butter.
  6. Prepare To taste chaat masala.

School lunch boxes are a big deal. Grilled Paneer Sandwich or paneer sandwich is easy sandwich recipe with paneer stuffing and grilled. This paneer sandwich is very filling making it perfect for breakfast, snack or kids. This paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and sweet corn sandwich is delicious, so filling and doesn't Paneer in rich in protein and since this sandwich has paneer and cheese, two things which most kids.

Paneer sandwich instructions

  1. Cut the bread slice in round shape with the help of katori..
  2. Apply butter evenly..
  3. Now cut paneer in small rectangular shape and a few thin strings of Paneer..
  4. Place it as mask on the bread. Make eyes with raisins and nose with Tomato..
  5. Like wise make all the sandwiches. A good morning breakfast for kids..

Paneer Sandwich Recipe – Quick and easy sandwich recipe with cottage cheese aka paneer. The paneer stuffing mixture is uncooked. Here grated paneer is mixed with onion, capsicum, chillies and. Paneer sandwich is easy delicious, kid's favorite sandwich. It can also be a quick fix for a filling tea time snack for your whole family.

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