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Chocolate Sandesh. Chocolate Sandesh recipe with step by step photos. another delicious fudge from West Bengal with a chocolaty variation. rasmalai and sandesh is often made for festive occasion. How to make chocolate sandesh for kids. This healthy twist is achieved by replacing high-fat dairy products with low-fat paneer, which not only.

Chocolate Sandesh This is very simple to make with few ingredients, milk, sugar and the flavor of your choice. Easy Chocolate Sandesh, How to make Easy Chocolate Sandesh at home. Delicious and Easy Chocolate Sandesh Recipe! Cooking Chocolate Sandesh is a fun point, moreover it comes to be a lot more unique worth if you cook it yourself. By using the complying with 6 active ingredients, you can start cooking 11 actions. observe the following section for you to begin cooking instantly.

Ingredients for Chocolate Sandesh

  1. Need 1 cup for Milk powder.
  2. It’s 3 tbsp Cocoa powder.
  3. Need 1/2 cup Milk.
  4. Give 2 tbsp of Ghee.
  5. Prepare 3 tbsp Condensed milk or 1/2cup powder sugar.
  6. Prepare 2 tbsp of chopped Dryfruits.

I will share with you the famous Bengali sweet known as Bengali. Easy Chocolate Sandesh Recipe: Step by Step Chocolate Sandesh Recipe, Tips to make Made with the ingredients like full cream milk, butter, sugar, salt along with cocoa powder, this dessert. Sandesh (Bengali: সন্দেশ Shôndesh) is a dessert, originating from the Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, created with milk and sugar. Some recipes of Sandesh call for the use of chhena or paneer (which is made by curdling the milk and separating the whey from it).

Chocolate Sandesh making process

  1. Add Ghee in a heavy bottom kadhai..
  2. When Ghee melts, add Milk and stir for 1 min in low flame..
  3. Add Condensed milk or Sugar to milk and stir continuously..
  4. Mix Milk powder and Cocoa powder together and add to milk. Stir continuously to avoid lumps and sticking to the bottom of the kadhai..
  5. After continuous stirring of 10-15mins, the mixture will be separated from Kadai and will be ready to set. It is necessary to keep the flame at it's lowest during the entire cooking process..
  6. Take a cake tin or container and grease it with ghee..
  7. Pour the Sandesh mixture in it and spread it equally with a spatula..
  8. Add some chopped Dry fruits on it and lightly press those with the spatula..
  9. Make it set in room temperature for at least 2 hours (no need to freeze it)..
  10. Cut it in the desired shape and serve..
  11. For video click the link below… https://youtu.be/y4QHfvfDivk.

Chocolate Sandesh (Truffles) – Indian Desserts Recipe by Manjula. Rose Sandesh – How To Make Sandesh – Indian Dessert Recipe – Bengali Sweet Sondesh Recipe – Ruchi. while the recipe for bengali sandesh sweet recipe is extremely simple, yet i recipe, but ensure it to be on softer side. lastly, you can prepare flavoured sondesh recipe by adding chocolate, mango pulp. Get Sandesh latest information and updates. Soak the saffron strands in the warm milk. Add cocoa to make chocolate sandesh or saffron to make kesari sandesh.

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