How to Prepare Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice Yummy

Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice. Grilled chicken breasts can be the epitome of boring. Too often they're dried out or rubbery. But when soaked in a super-quick marinade — with balsamic, brown sugar, and dried thyme — you're guaranteed deliciousness.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice It's great added to pasta, put on top of a salad or served with a side of zucchini salad and corn on the cob on a Grilled Chicken is one of our favorite meals! With a quick marinade and an even quicker grill time, you can have a meal on the table in no time at all! Grilled chicken breast or how to cook chicken breast on the grill that is moist and flavorful. Cooking Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice is an enjoyable thing, in addition it becomes much more unique worth if you prepare it yourself. By using the following 17 components, you can begin cooking 8 steps. observe the complying with section for you to begin cooking quickly.

Composition for Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice

  1. It’s 3 for chicken breasts.
  2. Require 1 cup cooked rice.
  3. Require 2 for eggs.
  4. Need 1/2 tsp – mixed herbs.
  5. Provide Salt as per taste.
  6. It’s 1/4 tsp of red chilli powder.
  7. Prepare 1 tsp of oil.
  8. Need of For marinade:.
  9. It’s 5 – garlic pods.
  10. It’s 1 tsp of roasted jeera.
  11. Require 5 for Green chillies.
  12. You need Handful pudina.
  13. Need – Salt as per taste.
  14. Need 1 tsp – tandoori masala.
  15. Require 1/2 tsp – red chilli powder.
  16. Prepare 1/4 cup curd.
  17. Need 1 tsp – Olive oil.

What to Serve with Grilled Chicken? A side of whole grain like quinoa or perfect brown rice. Learn the best technique for how to grill chicken breast. Our Test Kitchen experts reveal their best tips for grilling chicken breasts.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Egg Rice instructions

  1. Wash and clean chicken breasts. Pat them dry.
  2. Prepare a marinade by blending chillies,garlic, pudina,roasted jeera and salt.
  3. Add curd and blend again. Now, mix tandoori masala and chilli powder along with 1tsp oil.
  4. Coat the chicken breasts with this marinade and keep aside for atleast an hour.
  5. Roast the chicken breasts on a grill pan or any pan.
  6. Whisk two eggs with salt, chilli powder, mixed herbs and 1tsp oil..
  7. Once chicken breasts are done, put a cup of rice on the same pan, sautee for two mins, keep the rice aside. put the egg mixture and keep stirring, once it scrambles nicely, add the rice and lil salt and mix well..
  8. Serve chicken with this rice and salad..

If you've never experienced a dry chicken breast, I'm truly jealous. Biting into a grilled chicken sandwich or protein-packed salad and instead of that wonderfulness. Here's what you need: chicken breast, pepper, salt, flour, egg, panko breadcrumb, oil, onion, chicken stock, soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, eggs, rice, scallion, nori. Cover with a lid and cook until eggs are at your desired doneness. Slide the egg and chicken over cooked rice, garnish with chopped.

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