How to Make Egg Masala Yummy

Egg Masala.

Egg Masala Cooking Egg Masala is an enjoyable thing, furthermore it becomes much more special worth if you prepare it yourself. By using the following 13 components, you can start cooking 4 steps. observe the adhering to section for you to begin cooking right away.

Ingredients requirements for Egg Masala

  1. Require 1 of chopped tomato.
  2. Prepare 1 chopped onion.
  3. It’s 2 – boiled eggs.
  4. Require 1 tbsp of salt, jeera.
  5. You need 1/2 tbsp each haldi, cumin powder, red chilli powder, garam masala.
  6. Give 1/2 cup of curd.
  7. You need 1 of cinnamon stick.
  8. Give 1 for bay leaf.
  9. Prepare 3 of peppercorns.
  10. Give 1 cup – water.
  11. Give 1 tbsp of ginger garlic paste.
  12. Require as required of Mustard oil.
  13. Give 4 tbsp of Chopped Dhaniya.

Egg Masala steps

  1. Fry the boiled eggs in mustard oil, add some haldi and fry for 2 mins. Take them out..
  2. Add oil in kadhai. Add chopped tomato and half of the chopped onion. Add garam masala. Fry till mushy. Take it out. Let it cool and grind to thin paste..
  3. Add oil in kadhai, add jeera, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, pepper pod and rest of the chopped onion. Add ginger garlic paste. Fry for 1 min. Add the tomato onion paste. Add curd. Add some water..
  4. Add all the powder masalas. Cook in medium flame for 15 mins. Add some water. Again cook for 10 mins in High flame. Add the eggs. Adjust salt accordingly. Give it a stir. Cook till u see oil separating from the gravy. Add the chopped dhaniya. Serve..

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