Easy way to Make Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake Delicious

Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake. I'm using fresh mango puree and combine it with home-made whipped cream, then layer the mousse over a layer of simple sponge cake. If you want to turn this cake into an easy, no-bake recipe, just use a golden Oreo crust. Learn how to make this easy mango mousse without eggs or gelatin.

Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake I wanted to use a mango mousse as a cake filling. Do you think the consistency of this recipe is firm enough to use it that way? This no-bake mango mousse cake is a classic. Cooking Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake is an enjoyable point, furthermore it becomes much more special worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the adhering to 10 active ingredients, you can start cooking 8 steps. observe the following area for you to start cooking promptly.

Ingredients Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake

  1. You need for Crust:.
  2. Provide 80 gm of Digestive Biscuits.
  3. It’s As needed Unsalted Butter.
  4. Provide – Mousse & Mango Layer:.
  5. Require 250 ml Whipping Cream.
  6. Provide 20 gm Gelatin Sheets.
  7. Prepare 370 gm for Mango Purée.
  8. Give Other Ingredients.
  9. Give 50 gm for Castor Sugar.
  10. It’s 30 ml of Water.

Made with classic crumble biscuits base, then go with very creamy mousse with mango flavour. Hi there, I am Mrs P, thanks for coming to my kitchen. I love cooking and baking, from Asian to Western food. Here you"ll find many easy-to-follow recipes.

Mango Mousse Whithout Bake Cake start cooking

  1. Crush the Digestive Biscuits (80 gram), mix with Unsalted Butter (35 gram). Place it in a cake tin (I use 6-inch tin), press it and chill for 30 minutes..
  2. For the mousse, place the Gelatin Sheet (15 gram) in cold water, let it soften about 5-10min and drain well..
  3. Melt the soaked gelatin in a bowl by putting the bowl in a bigger bowl of hot water. Add gelatine into Mango Purée (250 gram), and mix well..
  4. Beat the Whipping Cream (250 milliliter) until soft peak. Then add Caster Sugar (50 gram) and mango puree, mix well..
  5. Pour the mixture into the cake tin, then chill for at least 4 hours..
  6. For the mango layer: in a bowl, mix Gelatin Sheet (4 gram) with Water (30 milliliter). Then add in Mango Purée (120 gram) mix well then pour onto the mousse..
  7. Pour mango layer on top of chilled mousse and let it set in the fridge..
  8. Unmold and decorate it as desire. Enjoy!.

This sponge cake filled with mango mousse is quite spectacular. It looks professional but is doable if you use a springform pan. Sponge cake lines the sides and bottom of the pan, which is then filled with mousse and another layer of cake. Mango Mousse – You can use my Classic Mango Mousse Recipe or my Eggless Mango Mouse It does take a few hours to see the finished cake but as you see the result is a show stopper! She writes about cooking, baking, desserts, and cake decorating.

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