Easy way to Make Dry matki sprouts and corn salad Tasty

Dry matki sprouts and corn salad. Matki Usal is a very common Maharashtrian dry sabzi made using sprouted moth beans/dew beans. Gravy or dry – This is based on your preferance. You can keep the dish dry to eat it like a salad or side, else add more water to the pan along with the.

Dry matki sprouts and corn salad Homemade Moong Dal Sprouts salad a try that is packed with all kinds of goodness Something that is bursting in flavor and incorporates the fresh farm produce and sprouts salad Avocados healthy sprout salad. Sprouts salad is a delicious protein packed, healthy & nutritious salad made with sprouts, veggies, hebs & spices. This makes for a great breakfast. Food preparation Dry matki sprouts and corn salad is an enjoyable point, moreover it comes to be much more unique worth if you cook it on your own. By using the complying with 21 components, you can begin cooking 3 steps. observe the following section for you to start cooking quickly.

Ingredients for Dry matki sprouts and corn salad

  1. You need 250 gram – matki.
  2. Prepare 1 for big chopped onion.
  3. It’s 1 small chopped tomato.
  4. Prepare 3-4 Garlic cloves finely chopped.
  5. You need 2 – green chillies chopped or slit.
  6. Give 2 tsp – Curry leaves.
  7. Give 1/2 tsp for turmeric powder.
  8. It’s 1/2 tsp red chilli powder.
  9. Prepare 1 tsp of kitchen king masala.
  10. It’s To taste of salt.
  11. Give 3 tsp for oil.
  12. Require 1/2 tsp – Cumin seeds.
  13. Give – For corn salad.
  14. Give 1 bowl boiled corn.
  15. Require 1 – medium size onion chopped.
  16. You need 1 for small tomatoe chopped.
  17. Provide 1 medium size cucumber.
  18. Need to taste for Pink salt.
  19. You need 1/2 tsp black pepper powder.
  20. Prepare 1/2 tsp – red chilli powder.
  21. You need 1 lemon.

Most times we would eat them with the roti or as a side in the meal. She also would make steamed sprouts salad with matki or moth beans. Commonly known as Matki मटकी in India, Mutt मठ (in Gujarati), Moth beans in English, these tiny beans are packed with flavour & texture, a delight to cook with. Make delicious, authentic Indian Matki Ussal easily at home right in your Instant Pot!

Dry matki sprouts and corn salad steps

  1. Boil matki.. In a pan add oil cummin seeds chopped garlic and chilli and saute it now add onion and curry leaves and saute it.
  2. Now add all dry red chilli powder turmeric powder and tomato mix it… Now add boil matki kitchen king masala and salt mix it cover it with lid and keep it for 5 minutes on slow flame… After 5 minutes matki is ready.
  3. In a bowl add corn chopped onions chopped tomatoes chopped cucumber salt red chilli powder black pepper powder and mix it.. Now serve the corn salad by squeezing lemon juice over it.. Serve matki and corn salad and enjoy, ?.

Since fresh coconut is hard to come by here, I've used dried, unsweetened coconut flakes in this recipe. Am thinking it might make a very good and filling main dish salad if I added chopped cucumber, tomatoes. The biggest pests for corn salad are slugs, which love the tender leaves almost as much as humans do. The leaves are low-growing and the soil is damp in spring, which makes exclusion the best slug tactic. Ring the area with copper, coffee grounds, diatomaceous earth (DE) or some other.

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