Easy way Make Kuli Paniyaram Yummy

Kuli Paniyaram.

Kuli Paniyaram Cooking Kuli Paniyaram is a fun point, additionally it becomes much more unique worth if you prepare it on your own. By using the adhering to 4 ingredients, you can begin cooking 6 actions. observe the following area for you to begin cooking promptly.

Composition of Kuli Paniyaram

  1. Provide 200 for Idly. rice.
  2. Give 200 – Raw rice.
  3. Provide 75 for gms. Or. 100. Gms Urad. Dhal.
  4. Need 1 – spoon. Fenugreek.

Kuli Paniyaram making process

  1. Soak that. Two. Rices.uraddhal. fenugreek. 4. Hours..
  2. Cleaned. soaked. Ready. For. Grinding. So. Clean. And. Aftee. Put. In. Grinder. And. Then. Finelly. Coming. Soft. Paste. Little. Salt. Add. After. Taken. Out. In. One. Vessal..
  3. .Now. Batter. Is. Keep. It. In. A. Warm. Place. For. Fermendation. For. 8. Hrs. Then. Open. The. Lid. Of vthat. Vessel. The. Batter. Rised. So. Batter. Is. Ready for. Making. Paniyaram.
  4. Then. Take. Kulipaniyaram. Kal. Vessal… That. 6. Half. Rounds. In this. Put. Oil. Put. Batter. In. All… Up. Also. Oil. Paniyaram. Came. Good..
  5. Next. Method. In. This. Batte. Put. Pil. In. Kadai. Uraddhal. Mustard.curry. Leabes. Onion. Coconut. Flacks. Little 3 spoons. Coariender. All. That. Fried. After. Put. In. Paniyara. Batter.. in. This. Is. Used. For. Maling. Kara Paniyaram.. Two. Side. Cooked. Lite. Brown. Its. Ready. To. Take in. A. Plate. With. Help. Of. The. Paniyara. Stick. Serve. With. Coconut. Cchutney. And. Red. Chillie. Chutney..
  6. Jaggerry. Used. For. Sweet. Paniyatam. And. Elachi. Powder. Coconut. Flacks. Little Taste. Is. Amazing. Both. Paniyarms..

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