Easy way to Cook Eggless Banana and chocochip cake Yummy

Eggless Banana and chocochip cake. For frosting please refer the step by step photos above. This eggless chocolate banana cake tastes. Eggless Wheat Double Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe Without Oven

Eggless Banana and chocochip cake As an egg replacer I have used flaxseed powder (flax meal). For this cake I didn't follow any banana cake recipe like I usually do. I converted one of my recipes to suit the banana cake and I was not disappointed. Food preparation Eggless Banana and chocochip cake is a fun point, furthermore it ends up being extra special worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the following 11 active ingredients, you can start cooking 3 steps. observe the complying with area for you to start cooking promptly.

Ingredients for Eggless Banana and chocochip cake

  1. Prepare 1 cup of maida.
  2. Need 1/2 tsp baking soda.
  3. Require 1 tsp for baking powder.
  4. Provide 1/2 cup milk.
  5. Need 1/3 cup of sugar.
  6. Need 1/4 cup for oil.
  7. You need Pinch salt.
  8. It’s 2 of bananas.
  9. Need 1 tsp of vinegar.
  10. Require – Oil for greesing cake tin.
  11. You need 1/2 tsp vanilla essence.

Many ask me for simple tea cake recipes. It is so easy to make and can be enjoyed with a cup of hot. Let it cool completely then cut into. finally, serve the eggless banana cake or store in airtight container. Subscribe to our Youtube ChannelClick here to Subscribe our Youtube Channel and stay updated with our latest.

Eggless Banana and chocochip cake how to cook

  1. Preheat oven at180’c. For10 min than Take a bowl mashed two bananas than add oil, milk, vinegar, vanilla essence and sugar mix well with spatula.
  2. Take another bowl add all dry ingredients like maida, baking powder, baking soda and salt seeve it once or twice.
  3. Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients than pour it into a 6” cake tin or any oven bowl bake it for 25-30 min at 180’c insert toothpick if it comes clear cake is ready this cake taste awesome even it is hot to. For more vedios search Ashwinderkaur aggarwal on utube (same recepie u can search).

A friend of mine came over to spend a few days with us along with her eight-year-old daughter. The first morning they were with us, I asked her daughter if she would have Eggless Banana and Chocolate Chip Pancake for breakfast, to which my friend said, "Don't bother making them; she hates bananas." Also add the chocochips and mix. *Mash the banana using a fork and then measure it. *Add the mashed bananas, vanilla essence and oil to the milk and vinegar mixture and mix it well. *Pour this mix to the flour and chocochips mix, until the wet and dry ingredients are well mixed. Mug cakes are such small, single serving cakes that a tiny amount of baking soda or powder is enough to make them rise and keep them light and fluffy. Tag your pictures #myfoodstory and I'll be sure to say hi! Eggless Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake.

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