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Mini Key Lime Pie.

Mini Key Lime Pie Cooking Mini Key Lime Pie is an enjoyable thing, furthermore it ends up being much more special worth if you cook it yourself. By utilizing the following 6 ingredients, you can begin cooking 11 actions. observe the following section for you to begin cooking immediately.

Ingredients Mini Key Lime Pie

  1. Need 1 can Condensed milk.
  2. Need 2 of Egg Yolks.
  3. Prepare 2 of Egg Whites.
  4. It’s 250 Grams for Digestive Biscuits.
  5. Prepare 4 Tablespoons of lime juice Key.
  6. It’s pinch Salt A.

Mini Key Lime Pie instructions

  1. Pulse the digestive biscuits and butter together in a food processor until it forms nice buttery crumbs..
  2. Then press it into your mini tart tins. Take care to line the sides too..
  3. Leave in the fridge for atleast 30 minutes..
  4. Pre heat the oven to 170 degree Celsius..
  5. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks together until it becomes thick..
  6. Continue whisking and add the condensed milk and the fruit juice of your choice. Mix well..
  7. In a different bowl, beat the egg whites plus the salt until it forms soft peaks..
  8. Now fold the whites in to the yolk mixture.
  9. Pour it into the biscuit base and bake for about 10-12 minutes..
  10. Leave it to cool completely. Refrigerate if possible..
  11. Serve! Yum!.

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